Frida Draozy Magda Candle

  • 46.500 KD
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The Magda scented candle is covered with a hand-crocheted raffia with refined and very decorative colors. In a mix of gray, saffron yellow and light pink, the rose pattern unfolds around a graphic structure. Its aromatic scent of mint, vetiver and ylang-ylang spreads a fresh, joyful and almost gourmet fragrance.

Scent : Mint - Vetiver - Ylang Ylang

  Height Estimated burning Wicks Weight
MAX 10 10 cm | 3.9in 60 h 4 wicks 1.35 kg
MAX 16 16cm | 6.3in 150h 4 wicks 2.2 kg
MAX 24 24cm | 9.45in 400h 5 wicks 5.0 kg
MAX 35 35cm | 13.8in 800h 7 wicks 10.0 kg